Bucareli's Beginnings

February 10, 2016


Written by Fredo Solar


Bucareli was born with two purposes: making the best chocolate in the world right where cacao became known to the world and used since ancient times, and to provide jobs to those with physical disabilities, who are discriminated against in Mexico. 


After learning that Mexico was the place that gave cocoa, the raw material of chocolate to the world, I wanted to have the best chocolate make here in Mexico. We always heard about European chocolate as the high-end chocolate, but now it is my goal to make high-end chocolate in Mexico. So I embarked on a journey of learning everything I could about chocolate. I spent about a year of taking classes, reading, visiting factories, talking with experts, and of course eating a lot of chocolate amount. One of the places that I visited was a factory in Salt Lake City, called Amano chocolate; which I think is one of the best chocolate producers in the USA. 


Discrimination is an enormous issue in Mexico and its main problem is that the government doesn’t implement regulations or sometimes there are no regulations whatsoever. I truly believe that we, all people have the same right to be happy whether we have to use a wheelchair or not. However, in Mexico public transportation isn’t convenient for people who can’t walk. Now many people who are in wheelchairs aren’t able to get a job! Work places aren’t built to those who need a wheelchair, so people don’t hire them. People in wheelchairs have the same right you and I have to have a job and feel that they are contributing to society.

These are the reasons Bucareli came to be what it is today. It is true that we aren’t able to help everyone but we are helping individuals and for now it is enough. We believe what the clock tower of Bucareli says, Tong Sheng Xiang Ying which means


The voices of similar feeling made echo’s.